Once again, Apple is rumored to be serious about making a big splash in the TV business by offer a web based ‘over the top’ service. According to re/code, Apple is in negotiations with TV programmers that would allow them to offer content through the Internet.

Apple TV

The product appears to have similarities to Sling TV, offered by Dish. That allows customers to pay a month fee for a pre-set bundle of channels. They all are available to stream live and some offer access to on-demand content. Sony has also managed to secure a similar deal for its upcoming Web TV product.

With two companies already having inked deals and HBO planning to offer their service as a standalone product, it would appear that television programmers appear to be more willing to try new channels and markets.

Apple has alledgedly shown demonstrations of the service to programmers. Talks have been reported as being in the early stages, with some not yet having any contact with Apple regarding the proposed service.

It’s unclear if this new service would be rolled out on existing Apple TV hardware or would be part of an entirely new hardware product. From the sounds of it, this could easily be an app that works on all iOS devices. The initial offerings likely wouldn’t match the number of channels offered by cable companies, but it would help those interested in cutting that cord, for another. One that leads to Cupertino.

Source: re/code