Apple Music was introduced today with the service scheduled to start on June 30th. Pricing starts at $9.99 for an individual and $14.99 for families or up to six users. Apple will also be offering a 3-month trial. The service brings much of what people loved about Beats Music, specifically curated playlists. Apple has announced that an Android app will be available this fall. Apple has yet to commit to supporting Sonos. For their part, Sonos would like to support Apple Music, but have confirmed that it won’t be supported when Apple Music launches later this fall.┬áSonos support provided this official statement.

Sonos Apple Music

Although it will not be available at launch, we’d love to bring the service to Sonos as soon as Apple is ready.

For their part, Sonos has been service agnostic. They’ve been pretty open to supporting all services, including Google Play, Amazon and Apple’s biggest competitor in the space, Spotify. Their interest lies in providing a best in class, whole house audio. Extending the number of available services available only makes sense for them. Apple is betting heavily on their new Music service and have already confirmed support is coming for Android phones and tablets. If they are willing to support Google’s operating system, one would think that Sonos support would be forthcoming. Rolling out a major new service is difficult. When you couple this with having to redesign their own internal apps, lack of Sonos support for Apple Music could be nothing more than time constraints.

In reviewing the Apple Music membership terms, users will have the capability to download music for offline use. Recent versions of Sonos allow you to access music from an iPhone or iPad. It’s unclear if the music downloaded from Apple Music will be visible on Sonos, though it does seem plausible. If this is the case, it would be an ideal workaround while these companies usher in proper support. It’s been rumored that Beats was working on whole-house audio system that would rival Sonos. Those same rumors have Apple scrapping the project after their acquisition.

And for Apple, it would make sense for them to support Sonos. Speaking personally, the lack of Sonos support would be an instant deal-breaker for me.