Apple Might EOL iPad 2 In Favor Of Refreshed iPad 4

Tomorrow might see two changes in Apple’s product line. In addition to earlier reports of a new 8GB iPhone 5c, this model might not be joined by a 16GB iPad 4 that includes Apple’s new Lightning connector. The move would mean the end of life for the iPad 2, which is currently the only product Apple sells with the older 3o-pin dock connector and has been previously rumored to be discontinued.

iPad 4

The iPad 2 occupies the $399 price point, offering customers a full-sized iPad at a lower cost than the iPad Air.  March 25th would represent the third anniversary since it was first launched. The fact that it’s still being sold at premium is amazing. A move to sell the iPad 4 (see our review) improves the value equation. Though the fourth generation iPad is thicker and heavier than the iPad 2, it features a significantly faster processor and a retina display.

Sources indicate that the refreshed 16GB iPad 4 could be priced at $449, the mid-way point between the current 16GB configuration of the iPad 2 and iPad Air prices.

The iPad 2 has been an immensely popular tablet for Apple. While the iPad 4 has significantly better specifications, the second generation model still has a portability factor that can only be matched by the iPad mini or iPad Air models. If the reports are correct, I wouldn’t recommend the iPad 4 over the iPad Air, not for $50.

Source: 9to5mac

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