Apple Licenses Liquidmetal

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Apple has licensed Liquidmetal — an alloy which is very hard, very strong, and very elastic. They noticed this from an SEC filing, where Apple gets exclusive rights to use this material in consumer electronics, though the company can still license it to others that don’t compete in Apple’s marketspace.

This is how the company describes the alloy:

This amorphous atomic structure leads to a unique set of characteristic properties for the family of Liquidmetal alloys.
These characteristic properties are:
  • High Yield Strength
  • High Hardness
  • Superior Strength/Weight Ratio
  • Superior Elastic Limit
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • High Wear-Resistance
  • Unique Acoustical Properties

The immediate suspicion is that this will be for a new generation of iPod and iPhones, as the alloy is touted as useful for electronics casings, as it’s stronger than titanium, and harder than steel.

If that video is to be believed, we’ll all be playing ping pong with our iPhones in short order.

[via AppleInsider, MacRumors]

  • kackac

    This is perfect. I’ve always wanted to use my iphone as a basketball, and now I finally can.