Apple To Kill Off Aperture and iPhoto, To Be Replaced By Photos

When Apple introduced Photos at WWDC 14, it seemed that logical that it would be the successor to iPhoto. Now comes word from Apple via The Loop, that Apple is indeed replacing iPhoto with Photos for OS X coupled with iCloud Photo Library. Pro photographers and enthusiasts will have to look for an alternative for Aperture. Both iPhone and Aperture will no longer receive updates, with development stopped.


Apple promises that Photos for OS X will allow for migration of photo libraries from Aperture to the new app. Not much is known about Photos, though it seems unlikely that pro photographers are going to find it suitable for their work. Adobe stands to reap the benefits from this move, which now leaves Lightroom as the defacto standard for pro work.

Photos provides for access to all of your photos on all of your devices, including your library in the cloud. With new affordable storage options for photos, Apple hopes customers will take advantage of iCloud plans. Photos will let you search your library, both on your device and in the cloud.

The move is one that might have pro users in other fields concerned about Apple’s commitment to pro apps such as Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro. Apple has reiterated their support for those applications.

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