Apple wants to improve your health and fitness, at least new products coming down the pike will aim to do just that. A job listing appeared on Apple’s website via 9to5Mac, confirms the company is focusing on new products that have a decided health and fitness slant. While the most recent iPhone captures motion data, a wearable device would have a greater need for experts in this field, lending more evidence that Apple is indeed working on an ‘iWatch’ like product.

The listing was for a User Stuides Exercise Physiologists, who would be tasked with running tests specific to health and fitness. It lists the following qualifications:

  • Good understanding of physiological monitoring equipment, measurement techniques and interpretation of results
  • Experience with indirect calorimetry to measure energy expenditure for a range of activities and environments
  • Ability to design tests isolating the impact of various factors (activities, environments, individual subject differences, etc.) on the physiological effects being measured
  • Experience with exercise testing – how to conduct, interpreting results, determining when to halt testing, etc.

Potential candidates would be responsible for testing to ensure that the data meets a certain level of accuracy. It has been rumored that iOS 8 would introduce an application that would absorb this data, presenting it in a card-like fashion. It would track fitness data including steps, calories burned and other activity data. Advanced sensors could also provide critical health related information, including blood pressure, hydration, heart rate, glucose levels and blood data points. Clearly, this is not the type of data where mistakes go unnoticed.

As for the job listing, it’s been pulled from Apple’s website. Either they’ve managed to fill the position or Apple didn’t plan on the information becoming public.

News that Apple is looking for experts to join their staff bring up a good question, “Is the iWatch coming this or next year?”

Image credit: Tom Ham