Apple Finding It Difficult To Perfect iWatch

According to a report today from The Information, Apple continues to experience production issues with the rumored iWatch. Specifically, Apple is having difficulty achieving satisfactory battery performance levels necessary for a wearable device. Troubles appear to be related the display. Although little is known of Apple’s specific manufacturing plans, the company has allegedly considered switching display panels.


While not indicative of a change in plans, Apple called off production of iWatch components from one of their suppliers. As we’ve seen with iPhone manufacturing, this could just mean they have sufficient supply. Remember, this product doesn’t have a launch date and has yet to be announced. While it’s a safe bet that Apple executives have a window in mind, their focus know is on perfecting the product. The company has proven time and time again, that being first to market doesn’t guarantee success. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, the Pebble and others are a major topic of discussion at CES 2014, with many manufacturers betting big that wearable devices will become the hot new tech this year.

We have heard before that Apple was having production problems, with yield rates of 50 percent or less due ot the difficulty applying surface treatments to the ‘metal injection molded chassis’.

It was rumored to be released by the end of 2013. With multiple reports of production problems, you might have to wait at least another six months before you can get buy an Apple branded smartwatch. Based on early reports of what’s available on the market, the bar isn’t exactly set very high.

Source: The Information (subscription) via The Verge