According to a report today from Reuters, Apple’s iWatch launch as early as October, with mass production of the wearable starting in July. Apple will reportedly tap Quanta Computer, Inc for the manufacturing. Quanta currently works with Apple on building laptops and iPods. In addition to a release timeframe, sources have shared details regarding the specifications of Apple’s wearable device that has been dubbed the iWatch.


The iWatch will feature a display that is slightly rectangular and will measure 2.5-inches diagonally. The display will protrude slightly from the watch band and include a touch interface. One hurdle for smartwatch makers is battery life. Apple hopes to make it easy to keep the iWatch charged by supporting wireless charging.

The device can be used independently, but that will limit its capabilities. When paired with an iPhone, the features expand to include voice chat and messaging. Apple’s upcoming iOS 8 release offers new features in messaging that provides for short audio messages, which should make it a natural fit for the iWatch. As expected, this new wearable will only be compatible with other iOS devices.

At WWDC, Apple introduced a new Health app that allows users to monitor health data. Previous rumors suggest the iPhone will be filled with sensors enabling it to track health and fitness data, passing it along to the Health app. One source confirms a sensor that measures the user’s pulse.

Source: Reuters