We’re still months away from an iPhone 6 release date. While the focus has been on the bigger display that has been the subject of many rumors, there are no indications yet that Apple’s going to do much differently when it comes to color and customization options. Last year’s iPhone 5s added gold as a color option, but why stop there? In a landscape dominated by black and white smartphones, veering off that path might be a good idea.

iPhone 6 wood back

Why Stop At Gold?

Did you wait online at the Apple Store on launch day for a gold iPhone 5s? Unless you were at the front of the line, chances are good that you had a choice of silver/white or slate gray/black. My Apple Store offered me a choice between slate gray/black or slate gray/black. Tim Cook was recently quoted as saying the demand took them by surprise, which by itself is surprising. Gold was the new gold standard. A few entreprenurial types took to eBay, selling them for $1000 plus. Some thought the gold was tacky, but to some it was magical or maybe just different. It was the white iPhone 4, all over again. So why stop at gold? How about red, steel gray or a completely white iPhone 6?

Apple iPhone 5s lines

Something Has To Fill The Fun Void

While we are on the subject of color, it was one of the big selling points of the iPhone 5c. There is a fun factor associated with colors that is undeniable. Customers shouldn’t have to downgrade their phones in order to add some color into their life. If you want a pink iPhone 6, Apple should make that happen. When companies consider adding colors, the biggest concern is getting inventory correct. If Apple makes a full line of colors available for the iPhone 6, no one is going to be worried about getting stuck with a batch of tangerine phones. Over the course of year, they can adjust inventories to account for colors that are more or less popular than others.

iPhone 5c camera

Motorola’s Bringing Sexy Back

Have you seen the natural wood series from Motorola? If you find station wagon wood paneling to be cool, than you’ll absolutely flip over the Moto X with bamboo or ebony option.


Seriously, these are the hottest things to happen to smartphones in quite some time. I’ve spent a significant amount of time with the Moto X. The camera is crap, but the phone itself still manages to check plenty of important boxes for users. It’s the best screen size and despite a much bigger screen than the 4-inch iPhone display, it’s incredibly comfortable to hold. This might be a good time for Apple to borrow from Motorola. Wood isn’t copyrighted. It wouldn’t surprise me if Samsung took a take a break from borrowing from Apple to pickpocket Moto and offer natural wood options with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Moto X wood

For the iPhone, going big is going to be big. Moving to a 4-inch screen was just a teaser, but Apple needs to do more. It might not come with the iPhone 6, but the move to offer color and wood options seems inevitable. At some point, processors, megapixels and graphics only go so far to drive upgrades.

Would you buy a wood backed iPhone 6?