Apple To Introduce iPhones Later This Year That Feature Two New Screen Sizes

Rumors continue to swirl around the next generation iPhone and Apple’s purported move to increase the size of the display. A new report today from the Wall Street Journal cites people familiar with Apple’s plans who alledge the company is moving forward with plans to increase the size of the display, which currently sits at 4.0-inches. The newer model, likely the iPhone 6, will come in not one, but two sizes.

big iPhone screen size

One new iPhone will include a screen that measures no less than 4.5-inches, when measured diagonally. The move to bigger screens will not be limited to one size, with a second offering pushing the display size beyond 5-inches. The smaller of the two models is said to be late in development and ready for production. The larger of the two new iPhones is still undergoing preliminary testing. Neither will feature a ‘curved display’ according to sources. This conflicts with earlier reports.

Despite the difference in readiness for the two new iPhones, both are scheduled for later this year. There are no specifics as to release date. Based on recent releases, one would assume Apple would like to finish development of iOS 8, which will likely see it’s debut at WWDC in June. With a few months of development cycles, Apple’s recent September launch windows seems like a likely target.

Also mentioned in the report is the iPhone 5c. The colorful and beautifully, unapologetically plastic sibling will scrap its plastic casing. No further information was made available as to Apple’s plans for the lower-cost iPhone. Apple could choose to re-package the iPhone 5s. Older hardware, repackaged with fun, vibrant anodized aluminum colors.

Source: WSJ

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