Apple Has Team Of 100 Plus Working On iWatch

A report tonight from Bloomberg that Apple has a team of roughly 100 product designers working on the rumored iWatch. The much talked about smartwatch is said to perform computing tasks that today are handled by the iPhone and iPad. It’s still unclear as to whether this is an accessory to existing iOS devices or a completely new standalone product.

Apple iWatch

The team charged with development includes a wide array of talent within Apple that includes managers, marketing, software and hardware development. Those ‘familiar with the company’s plans’ believe that the size and scope of the project suggests that is beyond the experimentation phase.

Wearable technology has seen a growth spurt of sorts with Nike’s FuelBand and the FitBit One among others. These both track activity and interact with an iOS app. The Pebble watch of Kickstarter fame has the ability to control music on the iPhone, see assorted notifications and promises to increase functionality with the development of new apps.

On Sunday, the NY Times first reported that Apple was working on the iWatch, which would use curved glass.

Source: Bloomberg


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