Apple Films 1.24.14 ‘Thirty Years of Mac’ Tribute Video on iPhones

Apple has released a new film that celebrates ‘Thirty Years of Mac‘. While the anniversary of the Mac is the focus of the video, the story behind the video is just as interesting. 1.24.14 was filmed entirely on iPhones and it was done in just one day.


Apple sent 15 camera crews across the world tasked with documenting the amazing things which could be done with a Macintosh. The short video does well in its execution, showing how the power of the Mac. Apple manages to tell two stories, the one is the story behind the lens. We’ve seen this story played out before, often with musicians who filmed exclusively with an iPhone. This particular video is simply amazing. Watching it, you wouldn’t for a second think it was not shot with production level film cameras.

The command center for this ‘event’ was Los Angeles. Videos were beamed via satellite or cellular signal where the director of the project was located. Jake Scott, son of famed director Ridley Scott, directed the film. It also allowed for him orchestrate an extremely complex project. The iPhone 5s was used exclusively, with over 100 iPhones used to shoot 70 hours of footage. Each of the 15 crews were led by a cinematographer. When it was all completed, the editing took place on Macs, 86 in all.

It’s definitely worth checking out the short film and Apple’s story of how it all went down on 1.24.14. It’s inspiring to see how these products can produce such amazing results.