Apple Cracking Down On Non-Developer iOS 5 Users

According to, people who have been getting access to iOS 5 but aren’t developers might soon be facing Apple’s wrath. Apparently, Apple knows which developers passed on their UDID’s to non-developers for money, allowing people who weren’t meant to have early access on to the OS.

Developers are given a finite number of slots with their account in order for them to run an early version of iOS to test. There’s a bit of a black market trade in these slots, which Apple is now chasing down.

Apple has been sending out emails to developers accused of this, and then banning their accounts from the developer’s program — leaving their phones non-functional. Apparently you can downgrade to get out of it, but that’s not much fun if you’ve been enjoying iOS 5.

If Apple really is taking a hard line on this, I’m curious to see if it’ll go beyond just those who sold the UDIDs, and to those who passed them out to friends and media types. The NDA wall around betas is functionally transparent, at least partly because some non-developer bloggers get in on the beta, and report all its details. If Apple starts chasing them down, the reporting on beta changes might substantially change.

[via AppleInsider]

  • Cyanide_45

    Well my phone was cleaned out last night..froze up And then went back to the default iOS 5 phone was unusable and I lost all my stuff and couldn’t recover from a back up..i bought my code off eBay awhile back so I’m not sure if this has something to do with it..i have ios5 beta 4 on it now..

    • Leo Renard

      Nah, Beta 1 and 2 expired, that’s all.

    • Cbeam

      So if you paid a developer for this and are on their program is your phone on there forever or can they remove it? And if they remove it will it mess your phone up or will you just not be able to get the next Beta? I can see Apple taking the developer accounts away from people doing this but to make all the phones non-functional seems a little harsh. Some people paid $5 for this not really thinking it was wrong to do.

      • Anonymous

        I am a developer, and yes I can remove devices from my provisioning portal, however I cannot confirm if it will immediately deactivate the device in question, however you will definitely not be able to update, as each update will query the server to see if it’s a valid UDID.

  • iphonewarrior

    I don’t believe any of this. It’s ridiculous considering the amount of Dev accounts.

    • Christopher Meinck

      I bet there is some truth to it. Not sure to what extent they are targeting those violating the dev agreement. They are probably going after the egregious offenders, those selling activations in public venues.

      • Alex Maxham

        There may be some truth. Like the devs, that have used all of their UDID slots. I’m sure there isnt a dev out there that can use all of them legit. Isnt it like 100 slots they get?

        • Anonymous

          That’s correct, and I’m quite sure there’s no issue with lending friends and family FREE slots, they’re really just cracking down on those who are selling their slots, trying to make illegitimate profit.

  • Joe

    i don’t see the big fuss in it. Why do apple have to be so hard for?

  • ryzzey

    I’m not a developer and installed iOS 5 beta on my iPod touch 4th gen, when playing with the iCloud settings I accidentally paid for a year of 15gb storage! There is no way of getting a refund as I need to log in as a developer to obtain a refund. Know any way I can do it? Thanks