Apple Considering Cheap, Big and Extremely Big iPhones

A new report today from Reuters says that Apple is looking at expanding the range of iPhones to include new models with large displays alongside a low-cost iPhone priced at $99. We’ve seen rumors of this sort floated before, but this one is different. The larger iPhones Apple is considering include screen sizes of 4.7-inches and 5.7-inches. To put those in context, these new iPhones would put them in the range of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note products. The latter being the large Marge of smartphones that borders on tablet-size.

Big iPhones

The lower-cost iPhone would come in an assortment of colors and a subsidized price of $99 is being discussed. It could be see a release sometime later this year, but sources say it may slip to 2014. The large devices are still being considered, with suppliers in Asia now working on prototypes. As the source notes, plans change and a prototype doesn’t necessarily mean Apple will make the jump.

Apple’s competition, namely Samsung, has not shied away from expanding their product portfolio. They offer a wide range of products in assorted screen sizes and pricing. Apple makes one new iPhone and uses older models to attract cost conscious buyers.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook hasn’t shut the door on larger displays, but has said they won’t make compromises such as reduced battery life or quality of the display.

How about you? Are you ready to give up one-handed operation to supersize your iPhone?

Source: Reuters


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    I’m not in favor of anything over 5 inches with an iPhone. I do think a 4.7 inch that I read about would be a good thing. I think the current iPhone can be a little wider.

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