Apple censors the word jailbreak in iTunes Store

In what can only be described as bizarre, it was noticed today by iOS dev @planetbeing (and even earlier by @alexheath, et all), that Apple had begun censoring the term ‘Jailbreak’ in the iTunes Store. This extends beyond just the App Store to music and books. Thin Lizzy’s classic song is now listed as J*******k.


We can only presume that Apple’s war on jailbreaking has resulted in their filtering of content within iTunes. This is just crazy. What’s next? If I have Thin Lizzy on my iPhone, will I be denied service at the Genius Bar. Clearly I jest, but exactly what’s accomplished with this filter?

Apple has made it clear they don’t want any part of jailbreak content in the App Store, declining apps that present any content that is jailbreak related and this also extends to forum apps. While Apple is busy filtering out classic rock albums, there are no shortage of approved App Store applications that have the very same content they are looking to ban. I for one don’t agree with the ban, but would at a minimum appreciate some level of consistency.

Update: Whatever filter Apple had setup in the iTunes Store, it is now removed. Thankfully just in time for the release of AC/DC’s catalog. It does make you wonder if this was an actual decision or glitch in the matrix.


  1. GSXRMike says

    I just don’t get why they are so against it. Not all jailbreakers are pirates. That could be the ONLY reason why I would see Apple being so against it. If someone knows what they are doing, then JBing should be ok. If you want to keep your phone stock then that’s your choice, too. I’m not gonna lie…if I could no longer JB my iPhone, I wouldn’t want it anymore.

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