Apple Reportedly Purchases PrimeSense, Company Behind Kinect Technology

Apple has reportedly purchased PrimeSense, the company who developed the motion-tracking technology used in Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect. The deal is said to be worth $345 million, this according to Israeli publication Calcalist, who expects an announcement within the next two weeks.

PrimeSense motion tracking

The transaction would finalize negotiations that began in July, that were promptly followed by a denial by PrimeSense. This is not an uncommon practice in these sorts of negotiations.

Apple currently has three development centers in Israel, with roughly 350-400 employees. In 2012, the acquired Anovit Herzliya for $ 390 million, now responsible for a controller in iPhones and iPads that enhances the activity of flash memory. The new acquisition would add an additional 150 employees who currently work for PrimeSense.

The company developed advanced body-tracking technology which is used in the Kinect Sensor in the Xbox 360. It uses an RGB camera, depth sensor and multi-array microphone that worked together to capture 3D video data. It was introduced as ‘Project Natal’ in 2009. Microsoft has since dissolved the partnership with PrimeSense. uses a new version in the Xbox One that can process 2 gigabits of data per second using a new IR sensor. This naturally brings up speculation that Apple is continuing its pursuit of a smart TV solution, one that could be controlled using motion technology and possibly Siri-like commands.

Source: SlashGear

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