Apple Announces iPhoto For iPad, App Updates

iPhoto for iOS

The big announcement amongst todays app talk was that iPhoto has finally come to iOS. It’ll have smart browsing, multi-touch editing, effects, brushes, and the ability to beam photos directly between two devices. There’s a crazy new feature where if you load up a photo, it’ll automatically show it compared to other, similar photos so you can pick the best one. The app will support images up to 19-megapixels, which is pretty huge.

You’ll be able to flag images you like (finally!) and then just view those, or send them out to Flickr, Twitter, email, and other services.

For editing tools, you’ll see cropping, level, auto-enhance, white balance tweaking, and much, much more. There looks to be some pretty serious power to this app. Plus tons of filters.

Photo Journaling looks to be some sort of auto-book building feature, where it will create a digital journal from selected photos. This can be shared online.

Even though this app was announced as iPhoto for iPad, it will be universal. The app will cost $4.99, and be available today.

Set to go live today in the App Store are also a bunch of updates for iWork, GarageBand, and iMovie.

iPhoto for iPad

GarageBand will get Smart Strings, a note editor, iCloud compatibility, and better sharing. iMovie will have support for storyboarding, outlining, recording, and editing, all from a single device.

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