Apple Already Used Liquidmetal For SIM Ejector?

Cult of Mac has been doing a big push on the Liquidmetal angle over the past few day, and in talking to the founders of the company, they think Apple’s already been playing with the material. The alloy’s co-inventor Atakan Peker said this when he first encountered the SIM card ejector in an iPhone 3G:

“That’s my metal. I recognized it immediately. Take it from an expert, that’s Liquidmetal…It is practically unbendable by hand unless you want to hurt or cut your fingers,”

Not all iPhone models or even iPhone 3G units shipped with the Liquidmetal version, so if you have one floating around, give it a tweak, and see if it seems unusually difficult to bend. If it is, then you’re probably dealing with the material.
Why does this matter? Because it shows that Apple was playing with the alloy, to see if they could get it manufactured, and what they could do with it, and have been doing so for quite some time.

If you’re still curious about what Liquidmetal is, I recommend reading through this rundown by Gizmodo.