With the advent of iOS 7, there have been a fair share of apps getting design, if not feature overhauls. They’ve been featured here on our site, along with countless Apple blogs. For many of us, myself included, I’ve used a good number of high profile apps, but no longer have them installed on my iPhone. When I hear of an update, there is a certain sense of excitement to see what changes they’ve included with the iOS 7 update. Here’s where things get a bit odd with Apple pushing older versions of new apps.


I’ll typically visit the App Store on my iPhone, search for the app and download it. On occasion, if I’m sitting at my desk, I’ll click on a link and use the old method of syncing through iTunes. Regardless of how I download the app, the result is the same. The download which is supposed to be the ‘new’ version of the app is often the old version. After downloading the app, an update becomes immediately available. This happen as recent as yesterday when Camera+ was released, an app I previously purchased, but did not have installed on my iPhone.

Apple’s App Store offers a feature that allows the ‘last compatible version’ of an app to be available. If I were using an older iPhone, this might make sense, but I’m rocking an iPhone 5s. When I download an app, I’m not sure the reasoning behind this bizarre phenomenon. I’m not alone, seeing the occasional tweet in my timeline complaining of the same ‘feature’.

Is it a glitch? If so, it doesn’t appear to be fixed with any of the iOS 7 updates, including iOS 7.1 beta 2. As someone who does comparisons of app releases, I’ve found it to be rather useful. If I were not comparing releases and wasting my data and time on multiple downloads of an app, this could get old real fast.

How about you? Apple’s AppStore still pushing older versions of an app to your iPhone?