First debuting on Android, the PicPlz app is touted as being the simplest photo-sharing app on the iPhone, updating your Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare profiles all in one fell swoop—with location and place information, on top of that. So how does it really hold up?

OK, yes, it’s pretty darn impressive.

PicPlease review

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Billed as the simplest photo-sharing app on the iPhone, PicPlz instantly shares photos from your library or taken in the app on through your Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare feeds, with location and place tags. With slow load times on Facebook, third-party apps for uploading photos to Twitter, and FourSquare’s lack of photo uploads with updates (coming soon, though, we hear), an app like PicPlz does pretty well to satisfy all photo-sharing needs.


After signing up for a PicPlz account (free) upon opening the app for the first time, the app goes directly to your iPhone camera so you can start snapping away at an opportune moment. You can also choose a photo from your library or your PicPlz account here, if you’d rather share a photo you already have saved. From there, a screen for entering your location information and caption. If you have location detection turned on, the app is fairly accurate at already providing it, but the search function works just as well if you’re looking to post a specific place or venue.


If you gave permission for the app to access all of your accounts (Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare), you’ll also be able to choose which profiles the photo will be uploaded to, with a simple flip-switch button. After tapping “Post”…that’s pretty much it.

PicPlease photo

The app’s settings can be modified for notifications–an e-mail when your photo has posted, saving any photos taken in the app in your library, other options with your PicPlz account–but all in all, PicPlz keeps it simple. Load times are speedy, location detection is accurate, and the PicPlz online service itself is easy to use and incredibly clean of any junk or complicated design. Think: an even easier to use Flickr or TwitPic service.

Recap & Conclusion

Price: FREE
Released: Aug. 23, 2010
Our Grade: A+

I can safely say I won’t be using my Facebook or Twitter apps to upload photos from here on out. PicPlz makes it as easy as possible to update my social profiles all at once with locations and photos, even a profile that isn’t equipped to upload photos yet (FourSquare). Great interface, quick loading times, and definitely as simplistic as it claims to be.

Go ahead, download it!