For the consistently homebound who don’t get much use out of apps like FourSquare that display the nightly travels of imbibers, the new GetGlue app attempts to fill the void.

Instead of checking into restaurants, bars, or coffee shops, GetGlue lets you “check in” when watching a movie or TV show, reading a book, listening to music, playing a video game, and even discussing a topic. Use the app to connect with friends via Facebook and Twitter to share what you’re doing and get recommendations for new movies and books based on your history.


The check-in feature works just like FourSquare, allowing users to search for whatever they’re watching, reading, doing, or even thinking and update friends with a quick note about it. You also earn points in GetGlue for each check-in, and the app can give you personalized recommendations based on your previous check-ins.

Check-ins appear as status updates on Twitter and Facebook (depending on your settings), and you can connect with friends and followers who also have the app. Setting up your Twitter and Facebook accounts to connect to the app is quick and painless, and updates on Twitter show up like this:


I am watching The Terminator #TheTerminator than a minute ago via

You’ll also get a steady stream of real-time updates from friends and recent users that you can respond and reply to.



In addition to racking up points for check-ins, you also earn special stickers (like badges on FourSquare). When you use the GetGlue app on your iPhone, you earn an iPhone sticker, and several studios, TV networks, and magazines also have partnered up with GetGlue for specialized stickers (like a special sticker earned for watching “Dexter” on Showtime or one for reading Wired magazine). There are also separate stickers based on your ratings and reviews you write in the app, like the Movie Buff or the Foodie stickers.


Rate & Pick

To help bolster your points and earn more stickers, you can rate and review movies, music, wine, just about anything, really. Read other users’ reviews and tap “I like it” to share your opinions. The app has about 500,000 users already, so the reviews archive is already pretty hefty.

Within this feature, you can see what’s “hot” and being reviewed the most right now, and also your personalized recommendations here. The community aspect really shows here, as you can view who has “liked” something and explore the profiles of users who have similar tastes.

Recap & Conclusion

Price: FREE
Released: June 24, 2010

For anyone who has wanted to get in on the fad of FourSquare without all the bar-hopping and actual leaving of the house, this is the perfect app. The interface is easy to use, it’s virtually glitch-free, and the community aspect is fun and engaging. And as word gets out about the app and more partners join in with GetGlue, there will probably be some serious benefits and freebies, in the same vein as FourSquare.

Download it!