Chores and tasks tend to suck when you’re younger, but they seem to suck even more as you get older and don’t have the supportive cheering of Mom and Dad once you’ve finally completed said chores and tasks. Or…you could take advantage of this new RPG-style productivity app that aims to take the place of your mom–kind of.

Epic Win is the ultimate to-do list, styled in the form of a productivity game that rewards you points and advancement in levels once you’ve completed a task. It may not be the most action-packed adventure game, but it certainly got me more on top of my tasks than any other to-do list I’ve used before.

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Begin your quest in Epic Win by creating your profile, entering your name, and choosing an avatar. I went with the lone female avatar, donning some serious armor. The game doesn’t really take off until you’ve entered in tasks for specific dates, choosing a level of epicness ranging from 50 to 300. You also choose a label for each task, deciding if the quest is a feat of strength, stamina, intellect, social, or spirit.

Each quest is then listed on your home screen with the epicness shown as a medallion to the right. Once you’ve completed your quest, you tap and hold down the medallion as an animated character dances about while your “battery” runs down, showing your avatar working hard (but not as hard as you) to complete the task. Your rewards then find their way to your loot bag.

You can view your progress in the Loot feature, which is shown as a conquest map that tracks “The Progress of [Your Name]” with your avatar’s path traced along. See how much gold you’ve collected (the number of epicness points you allot to your quests), how many miles you traveled, and any special awards you’ve earned. After just completing a few quests, I earned Rascal’s Love Letter: “A sealed letter of romantic interest, possibly written in gravy with a finger.” The profile feature lets you check out your points based on each category of quests, as well as your level (I’m currently at Level 1, aptly naming me Miss Management).

The app is a very fun way to escape the boredom and tediousness of actual chores, while still being meaningless enough to be an enjoyable iPhone app you check in on regularly. The overlay music is ominous and annoying at times, so thankfully it can be turned off in your options. The app could use a feature that lets you transfer an existing to-do list into it, so that entering in quests and tasks isn’t such a task in itself.


Epic Win

Price: $2.99

Our Grade: A

If you’re looking to stray from the tediousness of a straight to-do list app, this is the one for you. Though there could be a few more features that amp up the fun, the app is a great way to put a little adventure into your life of boring tasks and chores.

Go ahead, download it!