If you’re a loyal fan and follower of a not-so-successful team, you probably don’t need another reminder of your team’s disappointing performances. But just in case you feel in need of a downer…there’s a new “forecasting” app for you.

Fan Misery uses a custom mathematical calculation to forecast your “fan misery” every day based on the latest stats from your team’s performance. Covering all sports, the app is free, but in-app purchases, which are required if you actually want to use the app to follow your team, can add up to make for a pretty pricey forecast.

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Similar to the Dow or other financial indexes, Fan Misery compiles statistics from your team from a variety of areas to compile an overall FMI (Fan Misery Index) to calculate just how miserable your day is looking based on your team’s ineptitude. A separate index also calculates a fan’s misery from votes from the fans themselves, called the Opinions FMI.

Every day you can check your forecast by firing up the app and checking out which graphic has been allotted to your team that day. This can range from a “sunny” graphic to a “stormy” graphic, and the index is rated from 0 to 10, with 0 being the least miserable and 10 being the most. The forecast is broken down even further by specific statistic, of which there are many.

The overall statistic for each team is broken down into sections: team, offense, defense, and rebounding. The team’s performance in each of these areas is broken down even further on dozens of things like win percentage, average scoring margin, chance of making playoffs, overall attendance, points scored by shot, assist ratio, and rebound rate. The forecasts are surprisingly accurate, though the graphics representing the forecast could have a little more distinction from one another (how is cloudy more miserable than stormy?).

Other features include a detailed news feed for your specific team that includes blogs and news from sources like Bleacher Report, Yardbarker, and more specific team sites. Full season schedules for your teams are also available to check out.

While the app is overall impressive, the prices, however, are not. You can download the app for free, but to follow your team, you have to make an in-app purchase for $1.99 per team. To see all of one sport costs $9.99, and to see all teams in all sports, it’s $19.99. Though I can always appreciate a free download for an app, in-app purchases, especially ones as expensive as these, are always the catch 22 that can make or break an app. In this case: break.

Recap & Conclusion

Fan Misery Index
Price: FREE
Our Grade: B-

The idea for Fan Misery Index is a pretty clever one, and one that most loyal team followers would appreciate in trying to keep up with their team’s pace, or lack thereof. But before this app can really take off and develop the audience it needs to, especially to build up the opinions FMI, the prices need to come down dramatically. Overall, if you’re looking for an excuse to drop a few more bucks on your team, this isn’t a terrible way to do it.

Download it, if you must!