It’s official, with Angry Birds Space HD, I can create an entire folder for the Angry Birds franchise to itself.  With each rendition of the game more fun than the last, Rovio continues their successful Angry Birds series with this newest, and arguably funnest, Angry Birds Space HD.

From the amazing Retina graphics on the new iPad, to the new sound track incorporating the widely known Angry Birds theme song into a space compilation, Angry Birds Space HD is polished, professionally made, and just plain fun to play.  With a new physics system in place to account for zero gravity and gravitation pulls, you’ll see how this classic gets flipped on its head, literally.


Angry Birds Space is setup very similar to the rest of the Angry Birds games, with level sets within blocks, in this case planets, and levels numbered 1 to 30 per planet.  Each level needs to be completed (all green pigs disposed of) in order to continue to the next.

Level Concepts
Angry Birds fans are used to landscapes which include structures built up from a flat or sloped ground to be blasted through in order to remove pigs from their lowly existence.  These levels attempt to match a gravity which remains constant throughout.  Angry Birds Space takes that flat ground idea and shapes it around circular levels.  Each level shows gravitational pull areas surrounding planets.  This allows you to slingshot your birds in a way that may pull them around planets, on course for those same green pigs.  I’ve always been fascinated with in-game physics engines that play with gravity settings.  The engine driving Angry Birds Space is pristine and extremely fun to play with.  Not only do your birds follow the gravitational rules, but all objects within, or that get pushed within, will follow these rules as well.  If the birds are not in the gravity areas, they will continue straight on their course until they hit something, or fly off of the screen.

Levels Included
The app will come with 2 level sets, 30 levels in each.  The first of these is called Pig Bang, focusing on explosions.  The second is called Cold Cuts.  This is a frozen tundra of levels, featuring birds which blow up and freeze surrounding objects.  A third level is available, but you will have to pay an additional $0.99 for this one. This level is called Danger Zone.  I’m not a huge fan of this approach.  If I purchase a game, I would expect it to have all included levels unlocked.  I believe it’s ok to add additional levels at a later time, but do not agree they should require additional purchase.  There are also a couple of bosses, but I won’t spoil them for you – they are among my favorite parts of the game.

New Birds
There are a few new birds, and some others are simply augmented or changed.  The black bomb birds are still here, but look a bit different.  The Yellow Triangle birds are now purple and instead of speeding up along their arc when you press on the screen, they will completely change their direction and speed towards the exact spot on the screen you touch.  New, bigger blue birds will freeze all surrounding items following an explosion after impact.  Usually a trio of ice birds will follow this up to allow you to smash through cement blocks now frozen.  The large red birds are now large Green pig/birds which basically do the same thing as in past Angry Birds games. (bigger impacts)

Golden Egg Asteroids
These appear occasionally throughout levels.  If you break one, all of the birds will be transported to a bonus level where you can enjoy a quick break from the level your on.  When done, you will transport back and can continue on with all of your pig smashing glory.

Space Eagle
Remember the Eagle?  He’s back in this edition of Angry Birds.  He will appear from a black hole and cause the objects around that black hole to scatter away from him.  Space Eagles can be earned through completing level packs, or bought through in App Purchases.

You didn’t think Rovio was going to give us a new Angry Birds game that was anything less than spectacular, did you?  I mean, the last Angry Birds Rio game went on to have a movie made after it.  This is as insanely addicting as past Angry Birds Games – and it won’t let you down.  You may even find that you blow though all 60 levels in a day or two.  The only negative side of the app is that it actually comes with 90 levels, but 30 you must pay an additional $0.99 for.  Overall however, I give this game a 10/10 and will deem it a must have for your iPhone or iPad.

Angry Birds Space is available for the iPad ($2.99) and iPhone ($0.99) from the app store for purchase.