And This Is Why You Buy Your iPad Direct From Apple

Whenever possible, you should buy direct from Apple. Yeah, sometimes the lines are long and the stock is limited, and sometimes you can pick up a deal from another retailer, but two stories today have reminded up why we like buying from  Apple so damn much.

For one, this video was posted on Reddit of a few Walmart employees trashing iPads in their stockroom, gleefully hurling them around and breaking them. Apparently the trio were fired and prosecuted, but you can be sure that sort of thing wouldn’t happen at an Apple store.

The other story today is more about customer stupidity. A woman in Texas bought what was claimed to be a new iPad from a stranger at a gas station for $200. As I’m sure you can guess, it wasn’t an iPad — this time it was a mirror in an iPad box.

Look folks, it’s probably generally a good idea to buy from Apple directly, and the big box stores usually okay (barring jerks throwing things around). But never buy gear from a stranger in a parking lot. If you’re Craigslisting for used electronics, make sure it works before parting with your money — you’d be a fool to just buy something from someone who randomly approaches you with a deal.


  1. ben says

    thats disgusting. There is really no proof that it is in fact wal-mart. But regardless, the fact that ppl do things like that is just brutal

  2. Skylinestar says

    That’s normal of how airline cargo handlers arranging the cargo. I bet almost all courier service did the same thing.

  3. says

    wow! that sucks :( imagine getting a brand new ipad and the screen is cracked! these are the type of places that wouldnt give you money back when you took it back in because they’d say that you broke it!

  4. tyger13 says

    I’ve known people who work sorting lines in shipping companies who admit to throwing, shoving and kicking packages (even ones marked fragile) down the line. They didn’t do it to be a$$holes like these guys. They were trying to meet high quotas to keep their jobs. These guys got fired because it is the store that has to eat the cost of these broken items. Funny thing is most products are packaged to withstand such abuse and most of those I saw on the video probably did not break.

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