Amazon Working One New Streaming Music Service

Like iTunes, Amazon offers movies, TV shows and music for purchase. For customers who subscribe to Prime, the gain access to thousands of TV shows and movie content that can be streamed for free. This is in addition to free 2-day shipping. The one missing piece is a music subscription service, but that could change according to a new report from re/code.

Amazon TV set-top box

The addition of a music streaming service for Amazon makes plenty of sense. Apple’s iTunes Radio offers both ad-supported and premium ad-free access to music content for customers who subscribe to iTunes Match. Both have convenient links to purchase songs and albums. Amazon could do something similar, offering it as an extra perk to Amazon Prime subscribers. This could be even more important if rumors of price increases from $79 to $119 are to be believed. Amazon is reportedly in negotiations with music labels regarding a potential agreement to bring streaming music to the online retailer.

Although negotiations are underway, reports suggest that Amazon is not close to finalizing a deal, despite months of ongoing talks.

An interesting note from re/code that Amazon doesn’t see a great deal of video streaming to Prime customers, many of whom are unaware of the perk. Prime is often billed as a way to get free 2-day shipping. In actuality, it comes bundled with a Netflix-like service. Netflix charges $7.99 per month for internet streaming. Amazon’s Prime subscription isn’t available monthly, but breaks out to $6.58 per month. It doesn’t have the variety of programming, but when coupled with free shipping, it’s an incredible value. If they were able to swing a deal with music labels, Prime becomes an even better deal, at least at its current price of $79.

Source: re/code


  1. Wayne Williams says

    I’ve been listening to streaming music for decades. It’s called the radio, and it’s free. I fail to see why people would pay to listen to streaming music.

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