If you are not familiar with Photo Stream, it’s a fantastic way to share photos and videos with a select group of friends and family. Not only is it easy to instantly share photos, it’s easy for those who subscribe to your Photo Stream to access your photos. From my personal experience, it’s been one of the absolute best and most frequently used features on my iPhone and iPad. Having a 2-year old, we take an insane amount of photos and share the best with grandparents who live out of state. Up until iOS 7, the person who created the Photo Stream was also the gatekeeper when it comes to posting images or videos. Thankfully, that’s changed with iOS 7 and it’s easy to allow subscribers to add to Photo Stream.

add to Photo Stream

When you first set up a new stream, you are prompted to add people to the stream. This is as easy as opening Photos, clicking on the ‘Shared’ tab and clicking the ‘+’ at the top left. You’ll add a name for your Photo Stream and be prompted to invite friends and family to ‘subscribe to your Photo Stream’. They’ll receive an invite over email with a link to confirm their subscription. So far, so good, but let’s offer them the ability to share photos with others in the group.

From within the Photos app, tap on ‘Shared’ and select your shared Photo Stream. At the bottom, you’ll see two options. One is Photos and the other is People. Select ‘People’ and there will be a list of those who subscribe. To allow friends and family to share photos to your Photo Stream, toggle the option for ‘Subscribers Can Post‘.

Subscribers can post

Once enabled, other users can now post photos and videos. Unfortunately, Apple does not all an option for you to select certain individuals within the group. For my group, I like the carefully curate the best images of my daughter. By enabling ‘Subscribers Can Post’, it might be a bit of a free for all, with some lower-quality photos being shared to the group. I’m hoping Apple further refines this feature in iOS 8.

Shared Photo Streams is a great feature, but this move to allow subscribers to post makes sense. It allows for collaborative photo sharing with friends and family.

Are you using shared Photo Streams or another method to share photos?