The Calendar app on your iOS device can be used to share calendars between family members or collaborating with a workgroup for business. These two forms of group calendars can often lead to your receiving event invitations or wanting to send your own. The Calendars app can make for a truly collaborative hub for organizing events, meetings and more. Here’s how to send or accept a calendar invite on iPhone or iPad using iOS 7/8.

Send Calendar invites on iPhone

How to send a calendar invite on iPhone or iPad

Let’s walk through the process of creating a new event and send an invite. Open up the Calendar app and follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the ‘+’ at the top right.
  2. Type in a name for your event. We’ll use ‘Meeting to discuss creating calendar invites” for our demonstration.
  3. In the location box, you can enter an address, which can be used to create driving directions. Helpful if someone is traveling to a location that’s unfamiliar.
  4. Enter the start and end times.
  5. If you have multiple calendars, be sure to include this on the correct calendar (Work, Home).
  6. There is a an option for Invitees. Tap and you’ll be greeted by an option to enter an email address. You can use this method, tapping on the contact once they appear. Another option is to select the ‘+’ sign and to select the person from your list of contacts. There is no right way here, so just go with your preference.
  7. Repeat the above step to add additional invitees
  8. Tap on Add Event to go back.
  9. Tap on ‘Done’.

send Calendar invite iPhone

That finishes the processing of sending a calendar invite. Read on for what happens next.

How to accept a calendar invitation in iOS 7

When someone sends you a calendar invite from iOS, you’ll receive an email that looks like the one below. The options are straightforward. Tap on any of the selections to either Accept, Decline or choose Maybe.

Invite options

There are a few interesting tidbits associated with this email. For one, if there are multiple invites, there is a link to see replies. A landing page will show the organizer of the event, along with replies, if available. If your boss is attending a meeting, that might be a good reason to accept (or decline depending upon your boss).

If you tap on the Date, Time, which is also a link, you have a few options. From within your mail account, you can Create Event, Show in Calendar, Copy or Cancel.

Create, show in calendar

To accept an invitation, tap on Accept. If something comes up and you need to change your response, you can do that by revisiting the page. When you accept an invite, the sender will also be notified of your decision.

Event details

The Calendar app is a fantastic way for groups, families and friends to keep up to date on events. Sending and accepting calendar invites on iOS is a fast and effective way manage calendar events that have multiple attendees.