There are hundreds of new features in iOS 7, not to mention the entirely new interface. We dug deeper into the Music app to see what’s new, what’s improved and how you can get more from your browsing experience. It’s our iOS 7 Music app tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, part of our ongoing 7 on iOS 7 series.

iOS 7 Music app tips

1. Rate Your Songs
In iOS 6, the process of rating songs was cumbersome. If you were in now playing, you’d have to click to list view in order to rate a track. Apple has made this infinitely easier in iOS 7. When in now playing, tap on either the artwork or track name and the star fields will come up just above the playback controls. If you are looking to cut down the amount of storage you use on your iPhone, ratings when combined with Smart Playlists allow you to sync only your best music.

Tap to rate songs

2. Easier Access To Controls
Also new in iOS 7 is access to your playback controls, a change that was necessary, given the new method of card view multitasking. Swipe up from any screen reveals Control Center and also your music controls. In iOS 6, you’d have to double-click and swipe right. Now it’s a simple swipe up. In addition to basic playback controls, you can use the scrubber and adjust the volume.

Playback controls

3. New Look Cover Flow
If you rotate an iOS device horizontally while in the Music app, you’ll notice that cover flow has changed. Gone is the carousel view in favor of a new flat view that displays up to 28 of your album covers. You can pinch and zoom to see more or less, depending on your preference. If you tap on an album cover, the cover will increase in size, shift left with playback controls and provide a list of songs from the album on your right.

New cover flow

4. Create new iTunes Station from Song or Artist
Apple’s iTunes Radio, like Pandora, allows you to create your own radio stations based on genre or artist. You don’t have to enter iTunes Radio to create a new station. If you are listening to your music and like an artist, tap on ‘Create’. You can choose to create a new station based on the song or artist. This also where you’ll find the Genius Playlist.

Create stations

5. Quick Control From Lock Screen
When your iPhone is turned off (sleep mode), pressing any button once will reveal all of your controls. A slight, but nice change from iOS 6, which required a double-tap of the home button.

Player controls from lock screen

6. Change It Up, Share It
Select iTunes Radio, tap on your station and start listening. At the top, you’ll see an ‘i’. Select it to reveal a number of options. You can create new playlists based on song or artist. To refine your current iTunes Radio Station, adjust the slider between Hits, Variety and Discovery. When you’ve got a great station dialed in, tap on the ‘Share Station‘ option to share it using AirDrop, email, Message or on social networks Twitter or Facebook.

Share iTunes Radio Station

7. Play More Like This, Never Play This
You can refine your iTunes Radio station by selecting ‘Play More Like This’ or ‘Never Play This. You can access these settings either in the ‘Now Playing’ screen or directly from the lock screen. In either case, tap on the ‘star’ icon to reveal those options.

Play more like this

On a whole, these are small, but nice improvements to the Music app. One questionable move was the Album view within Artists. All of the songs for each album are present in this view. If you have 20 Rolling Stones albums, you have to scroll through all of the songs to get to a particular album. In iOS 6, you’d see Artists > Albums > Album Songs.

How’s the new Music app working for you? If you have any tips we didn’t include, please share them in the comments.