Summer will be in full swing this coming July 4th weekend. For those of you in the U.S., it means a time for friends, family, fireworks and tasty BBQ food. This is the time of year when our schedules differ from the rest of the year. More folks are out of the office or on vacation and those of you in school are on summer recess. The constant is your iPhone. As schedules change, so do the ways we use our iPhones. Here are five indispensable tips for summer and your iPhone.

iPhone summer lovin'

1. Don’t Go Swimming with your iPhone

Sounds basic enough, but it happens all to often. For guys who carry their iPhone in their front pocket, summer means that front pocket could be sewn into swim trunks. Things get hot and before you know it, you jump in a pool or the ocean. Those tiny and expensive electronics inside your iPhone are not very forgiving. If you enjoy a good swim, here’s your yearly reminder to check your pockets before diving. If you’re the forgetful type, there are a number of waterproof cases including the LifeProof and Incipio Atlas. These cases not only will help prevent damage, but you’ll be the coolest cat in the pool. Underwater video, photos and you’ll never be without your iPhone.

Invariably, people are going to make this mistake. After a few shrieks of agony, I’d highly recommend you follow our guide on what to do you if you drop your iPhone in water. If you browse the comments, I’m happy to report there are countless numbers of success stories.

Drop iPhone water

2. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Las Vegas saw record temperatures last week. Your iPhone doesn’t like it when it gets hot. In fact, if you leave it on your car seat or glove compartment, there’s a good chance you’ll see this warning.

iPhone temperature warning

Your iPhone is smart enough to know when it’s too hot to turn on. Your best bet is to keep your iPhone out of direct sunlight and where possible, at room temperature. If you see this scary message, fear not, your iPhone will live to rise again. Keep it turned off for a while and put it in a place where it’s not scalding hot. Better yet, crank up the AC and let it cool down sufficiently before powering it back on.

3. Keep Your Eye On The Meter

For most folks, your schedule changes with the summer. Whether it’s a holiday in the middle of the week, those oh so good three day weekends or a planned vacation, you’ll be using your iPhone differently than during the fall, winter or spring. Instead of being stuck in the office or classroom, you’re out and about, making calls and using data. While it’s always good practice to keep tabs on your usage, it’s even more important during the summer. There are fantastic apps like DataMan Pro for tracking data usage and free apps from your wireless carrier that helps you keep tabs on your minutes and data.

Keep an eye on both to help avoid costly overages. That means more money for important stuff, like beer, fruity drinks and fried clams.


4. Find Your iPhone

While we encourage our readers to be safe out there, losing your iPhone is an unfortunate reality for some. I personally remember finding an iPhone in a taxi cab on a recent trip to New Orleans. In that instance, we were able to call a friend of the owner and arrange for a safe return. That doesn’t always happen. Take action into your own hands and enable Find My iPhone on your device. If you should misplace or leave your iPhone behind at a beach bar, Find My iPhone let’s you locate and hopefully retrieve your wayward phone.

find my iPhone

5. See You At The Movies

It’s the season of blockbuster films. When things get hot, we run to the theaters for two hours of entertainment, popcorn and relief from the heat. Finding a good movie is made easy thanks to Flixter, one of our must have free iPhone apps. You can search by title or theater. Since it’s location based, it also proves to be extremely useful when you are out of town. With built-in rotten tomatoes reviews and support for trailers, you’ll be on a course for seeing the best movies this summer. Another favorite is Fandango, which has support for Apple’s Passbook feature. Say goodbye to long lines, unless of course you plan on picking up a tub of popcorn for the film.

Flixter iPhone

Summer is a time to enjoy the nice weather with friends and family. Sadly, some iPhones won’t make it through the summer. Losing or damaging your $600 iPhone can cast a dark cloud over your summer. Using the preventive tips we’ve outlined will help keep your iPhone safe and secure. Enjoy the summer and most of all, continue enjoying your iPhone.