The iPhone 4S will be released on Friday, October 14th. It’s not the iPhone 5, which at this point is nothing more than a rainbow colored unicorn. There is only one new iOS device in town and that’s the iPhone 4S. Should you buy one? It depends, but here are 5 reasons why you should considering buying the iPhone 4S, despite it not being the mythical iPhone 5.
buy iPhone 4S

1. You eligible for a full upgrade. AT&T’s bizarre math for calculating upgrade-worthy customers is mystifying. I don’t claim to understand how they determine one’s status, but it is relatively easy to check where you stand with AT&T. Either Apple or AT&T’s website will take your information and will gladly present you with one of two options. Either you are eligible for a full upgrade or not. Your pricing will either be $199/$299/$399 or $449/$549/$649. I purchased an iPhone 4 on launch day last year. I also purchased a semi-subsidized Samsung Focus in November of 2011. My wife, who is on my family plan, also purchased a launch day iPhone 4. I’m eligible for an upgrade on November 9th, but my wife isn’t due until February 25th of 2012. If you are eligible for $199 iPhone 4S, do it. I wouldn’t worry about blowing your subsidy, thinking you’ll wait for the iPhone 5. By jumping in with the iPhone 4S, you’ll start accruing time spent towards yet another subsidy, probably in time for the iPhone 5. If not, the resale value of the iPhone 4S will easily offset the price you might have to pay for a new iPhone. Once you start playing the waiting game, it could get painful, since there is no realistic expectation of when Apple will release a new iPhone. Don’t count on one coming anytime soon.

2. You are a Sprint customer. I feel for you. You’ve likely wanted an iPhone for years, but in your case wireless carrier trumps choice of phone. Those days are over. The Sprint iPhone 4S is a reality. If you haven’t already pre-ordered one, then what are you waiting for? Go, now.

3. You love taking pictures, good ones. I use my iPhone to take pictures all the time. My wife and I recently had a baby, so we’re picture crazy. We have a $400 Lumix point and shoot, along with a Nikon D90. Most of the pictures we’ve taken have been with our iPhones. Some of the photos are great, some not so much. The new iPhone 4S has improved optics and an 8-megapixel camera. Videos are shot at an impressive 1080p and video stabilization should make a world of difference for people who watch your videos.

4. Specfications matter to you. The iPhone 4S is a stopgap device, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Name one phone that rivals the build quality of the iPhone 4. Insert cricket sound effects about now. They may offer larger displays, which are certainly a nice attribute, but I haven’t seen phone match the quality of materials offered by the 4/4S. It’s completely understandable that some folks are bored with the same design, 14 months after the first iPhone 4 was released. If you are in the camp that beauty isn’t only in form factor, but in specifications, then the iPhone 4S will deliver just that. The biggest contributor will be the A5 processor, the same one found in the iPad 2. Apple says you can expect up to seven times the graphics performance. If you have a large music or video collection, then you’ll be super-excited by the inclusion of a 64GB iPhone 4S into the lineup.

5. If you think you’ll use Siri. Have you used Voice Control? Siri is voice control on steroids. Need to find a pizzeria in your area? Siri will do so and save you virtual keystrokes doing it. Hands-free texting, setting up reminders and more. It’s a feature that’s only available on the iPhone 4S.

There are plenty more reasons to buy the new iPhone. Heck, one of which is because it’s a new iPhone. With Apple announcing pre-orders of the iPhone 4S reaching 1 million within the first 24 hours, it seems clear that a good number of people are finding good reason to purchase the iPhone 4S. How about you? Why are you buying or not buying the iPhone 4S?