With around 500,000 iOS Apps available, it can be confusing to find which are great, which are good, and which aren’t worth your time or money.  This will be the first in a series of ‘Must Have App’ articles – covering both iPad and iPhone Apps among various different categories.  Read on to see which are among the best iOS Apps of the music category.


Pandora is a free, wildly popular app among iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Music lovers.  It allows one to enter their favorite songs and artists – which, in turn, creates a custom ‘station’ that will automatically find similar songs.  Not only will Pandora play some of your favorites, it will allow you to find new artists and songs you enjoy, but never knew of.  There is the occasional commercial interruption, but this is a small price to pay for such an awesome music app!  Pandora is available for both the iPhone and iPad. 

Pandora: Free


Have you ever heard a song and wished you knew what it was called or how you can find it?  Look no further than this free app called SoundHound.  SoundHound will listen to music being played external to the device, and in only a few seconds, tell you what its called and the artist it belongs to.  It includes other features such as bookmarks, direct link to the iTunes store, and even lets you share what you’ve found on one of the many popular social networking sites.  SoundHound is available for both the iPhone and iPad. 

SoundHound: Free


One of Apple’s very own, Garageband contains a suite of musical instrument and is less of a consumption app as it is a creative one.  GarageBand lets you create your own mix of guitars, pianos, drums, and more on your iPhone or iPad.  It comes with a price tag of $4.99 but if you consider yourself a music fan and a creative person, this is the music app for you.

GarageBand: $4.99


iHeartRadio is an app similar to Pandora.  At first, it was no more than a typical radio station app providing iOS Devices access to popular local and syndicated radio stations.  With a fairly recent update – though this functionality has remained intact, the additional functionality of being able to create custom stations is also now available.  It is a bit more limited than Pandora in that you can only create each separate station for one song or Artist, instead of a combination of both and many.  This app shines in its available radio station library.  It even has Comedy Radio!

I Heart Radio: Free


Planetary is an alternative music player to the built in Music App provided by Apple with your iOS Device.  This is a free iPad app that organizes your music into a spectacular 3D space environment.  Artists are represented by Suns, Albums by Planets, and Songs by Moons.  As you listen you can change the orientation of the galaxy and see beautiful shading and lighting as suns reflect off of the planets and moons.  While it may not necessarily become your number one music player, it is certainly a fun way to literally explore your music.

Planetary: Free

These are some of our favorites and certainly must-have music apps for iOS devices. Have a favorite that we missed? Let us know in the comments.