It’s been an eventful summer with respect to supposed part leaks for the upcoming 4-inch iPhone 5. There have been enough parts that some have even been able to assemble a semi-complete new iPhone, save for the important stuff like the entire internals – processor, battery, graphics, LTE perhaps. While we have yet to see the earth shattering Apple employee drops an iPhone in a bar and it ends up on Gizmodo leaks, most of us have a good idea of what we can expect from the sixth generation iPhone. As we move into the dog days of summer, there is an heir of discontent over the new design. Is it fair to pass judgment based on part leaks? Are you among the disappointed? Have you found yourself shopping for a Samsung Galaxy SIII and it’s super large display?

iPhone vs giant phones

Since 2007, we’ve seen 5 generations of the iPhone. Yes, the iPhone 5 as it’s being called is technically the sixth generation iPhone. They all had one thing in common, the size of the screen which measured at 3.5-inches. The iPhone 4 and 4S squeezed in more pixels providing for the retina display, certainly an upgrade-worthy feature. Despite what you might think, Samsung along with the others are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the iPhone. They’ve done exactly that by releasing phones with larger, vibrant, attention-getting displays. Remember those Samsung commercials where someone with a Samsung Skyrocket HD was questioning the reasoning of a barista who was waiting on a long line for an iPhone. The message was clear, you can get a bigger display today by purchasing an Samsung phone.

Samsung commercial

Commercials and messaging of this ilk might just be paying off, if I’m correctly reading some of the discontent among those who have waited patiently for Apple to go big. Next month, it looks like Apple will move from 3.5-inch display to a 4.0-inch display. That’s still significantly smaller than the 4.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S III, the 4.7-inch HTC One X and even the 4.3-inch Nokia Lumia 900. Software debates aside, and there’s plenty to be said about the advantages of iOS, there is a definitive demand for larger displays.

You might have read a lot about how Apple needs to be cautious about screen size and resolution, as to not cause fragmentation. This is very real and thankfully it should not be an issue when moving to a 4.0-inch display due to the use of the same width as previous iPhones. This is the primary reason why the iPhone will go tall and not wide. It would cause a tremendous amount of work for developers and result in some of your current apps not being supported initially, if at all. As my podcast co-host Marianne Schultz points out, the move also means this new larger iPhone 5 display while larger, won’t have an adverse affect on usability. One-handed use will still be a reality. Try this at home. Take your current iPhone and try moving your thumb to the left of the display. Not so easy, is it. Now do the same thing, but move your thumb to the top of the iPhone, where this new display will extend. Easy peasy right? Having used my share of giant phones, this is where they fail to deliver. Sure it’s great when you have use of both your thumbs. That’s not I how I use my iPhone. I’m checking email, responding to notifications. All while grocery shopping.

One handed use

When Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and company take the stage on or about September 12th, the world be a gaze at the new iPhone. A few days later it’ll become available, sell out and we’ll see a subsequent press release from Apple regarding the shattering of past sales records. For some, the move to a larger 4.0-inch display might not be enough. With the latest updates to Android and improving App Market, there are a good selection of hardware to meet your needs for a larger than life display. Windows Phone 8 should also bring a steady stream of big panel devices. If you’ve never strayed from iOS, you might want to wait until after the iPhone 5 is released. It’s easy to get caught under tow comparing hardware. While these might not be the giant iPhones you were looking for, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised with the increased real estate, one handed use and all of your favorite apps working as promised.