3.9-inch New iPhone in testing?

We had heard a new iPhone would be going into production within the month and 9to5mac has heard that multiple new iPhones are in testing. Two prototype are said to be making their way around Apple headquarters, known as NAAP iPhone 5,1 and N42AP iPhone 5,2. The physical appearance is hidden thanks to a disguised shell or casing.

About the display
There has been plenty of conjecture as to how Apple will handle the change in resolution and how that will impact developers. This report indicates the new iPhone will come in at 3.95-inches diagonally, a modest bump from the current 3.5-inch design, with a resolution of 640 x 1136. The oft-rumored new dock connector is said to be narrow version of the current connector, but around the size of a micro-USB connector.

If true, the new iPhone will be taller, but retain the same width of 1.94 inches wide. A forum poster at the Verge had suggested this as option for Apple. By changing the aspect ratio from 3:2 to 9:5, you can retain the minimum requirement of PPI (pixels per inch) to be classified as a retina display.

This corroborates with a story from iMore, suggesting Apple has yet to decide on the final new iPhone. These reports are in contrast to recent reports from Bloomberg and Reuters, which suggest Apple has started sourcing displays to begin production within the month.


  1. Michael Baturin says

    I am seriously skeptical of this. First of all, changing the aspect ratio is a huge issue for developers. They would not take kindly to having to redevelop apps and maintain two separate aspect ratios. Second, the new dock connector is counter productive of almost everything Apple is about. Their ecosystem is what has catapulted them into the financial glory they hold today. With minimal benefits (space), I cannot see such a drastic hardware change being made. My guess is a thinner, better battery, higher capacity, and larger (but still 3:2) screen.

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