Creating a panoramic photo can be an easy task, assuming you have the right camera.  While the stock Camera app built into iOS does not come with a panoramic feature, the app store is here to help in a big way.  An app which has been around for a while called 360 Panoramic is the premier panoramic making app for iOS.  Once you use it, you’ll see why.  Read on as we take you through a detailed 360 Panoramic for iPad and iPhone review.

First Launch
The first time you ever launch the app, you will be immediately immersed in what seems like the inside of a cylindrical room.  The app will ask if it can search your photo library for other panoramic files created with 360 Panoramic.  If this is truly your first time ever using the app, you will want to just hit skip forever and move on.

However if you have used it before, it’s worth giving the app a few minutes to load up your old stuff.   Next, you will see gridlines showing in a donut fashion up and down and left to right, what you need to do immediately seems apparent.  That is, of course, hit the camera button and start spinning.  You can look up, down, left, and right.  You can also spin in a circle, pausing in short intervals as 360 Panoramic does the work for you and captures stills as you go.  At the end you have a panoramic interactive view to play with.  From this screen you can also press on a gear to Send Feedback, Send Love, go into Capture Mode, and enable or disable sound.  In case you’re wondering, Send Love will prompt you to write a review.

After the Capture
Once you have your capture, you have a few options with which to do with it.  First, you can choose to just play.  Spin it around, zoom in and out, look up and down, etc.  You can also go into a gyro mode where you can move the iPad or iPhone to look around your Panoramic.  This mode is real fun to play with.  Another way to play is by pressing an option on the top left which looks like a portrait.  From here you can choose to see your panoramic as a Stereographic view or the regular 360 view.  Going into stereocraphic will give you a top-down angle, as if your looking into the place where you took the picture from! A final playing option Is the ability to add a comment to the panoramic.  This is symbolized by a chat window and sits next to the picture frame.

In addition to playing, you can actually upload your panoramic to the 360 Panoramic community.  First you will need to create an Occipital account or login with Facebook or Twitter.  Occipital is the name of the app developer.  If you choose to login with Facebook, you will still need to first have an Occipital account to match it up with, but trying to login with Facebook first will still help bring your information into the Occipital registration process (so do that).

Next, you can choose to share.  Now this is a bit confusing in that, to me at least, share and upload are kind of the same thing.  The file can be sent through Facebook or Twitter (again will pull up the Upload page), or emailed as a 360 or flat file.  The flat file will look simply like the long panoramics were used to.  The 360 file will be the actual interactive spin file.  Lastly, you can choose to save the panoramic to your camera roll.

360 Panoramic is a staple app which should be on every iPad and iPhone owner’s device.  It is a free app and works extremely well.  The attention to detail the developers gave provides you with well stitched together 3D panoramics which you can interact with.  If you are looking for an app to make panoramic photos, your search should start with this app.

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