Some Former iTunes Match Subscribers Unable To Subscribe to Apple Music

apple music problems

Earlier this week, Apple Music made its long awaited debut on iOS devices, PCs and Macs. Coupled with Beats 1, a 24-hour streaming radio service and a completely redesigned iOS app, it was a big coming out party for Apple's streaming music service which has launched to positive reviews. For those who installed iOS 8.4.1, they have an opportunity to take advantage of an extensive trial period of 3-months. The new Music app has a number features that require subscribing to their new service. There have been reports of users experiencing problems signing up to Apple Music and there appears to be a correlation between subscription problems and being a former subscriber of Apple's iTunes Match service. … [Read more...]

Master Class: How to use Apple’s Family Sharing to share apps, music, movies and books

Setup family sharing

Everything you need to know: Save money by sharing content the right way with up to six members of your family For years, families have been sharing a single Apple ID. This had been the only way to share iTunes content including apps, music and movie. It was also a convenient way for parents to manage and purchase content on their kids iOS devices. Since content was tied to a single account, the easy method was to register all iOS devices to that Apple ID. Any content purchased becomes available to everyone linked to that account. The emergence of iCloud and in particular iMessage services caused quite a bit of strife for those using this method. In a typical household, a parent is the owner of an Apple ID that is used on the assorted iOS … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Rule Maps On Your iPhone

Maps on your iPhone

There's no discounting the helpfulness of maps on your iPhone or any smartphone for that matter. Since the days of using the $300 TomTom GPS kit with my Treo 600, I was hooked on using my smartphone to get places. In the early years of the iPhone, you still needed a costly third-party app if you wanted turn-by-turn directions. Those days are long gone. There are free options galore and the default Apple-powered Maps app continues to improve and iOS 9 will now offer Transit, providing directions using mass transit. Mapping capabilities are awesome, but are you making the most of the features available to you? Here's a look at five different ways you can positively rule maps on your iPhone. Buckle-in, hit the gas! We're taking you on a road … [Read more...]

11 iPhone Settings You Should Change Right Now

iPhone settings

I recently restored my iPhone as new when installing iOS 9. When you go that route, it's the software equivalent of a new iPhone. Everything goes back to the point when you first cracked open the plastic on your phone. In all honesty, this was a mistake. My intention was to backup to iTunes and restore my backup once I had upgraded to iOS 9. As someone who preaches backing up, I wasn't setting a great example. Restoring an iPhone as new isn't such a bad idea. It's a fresh start and can clean out some of the goblins that can result in spotty performance and less than optimal battery life. It's been a while since I had a factory fresh iOS install. I went through the standard things you do after getting a new phone. I paired it with my car's … [Read more...]

New iOS 9 feature may kill off your favorite websites

punch to the gut

Information has surfaced regarding a new feature in iOS 9 that brings content blocking extensions to iOS. Based on this information, it appears that iOS developers could write extensions that would allow users to easily block ads when using mobile Safari. For Apple's part, they don't describe this new feature as specific to ads. Instead, they refer to it as a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups and other content. Ad blockers aren't new on the desktop, both for Mac and PC. Their pitch is to remove ads, so you can focus on enjoying the content you want and spend time waiting for it. With traffic decidedly moving to mobile, the introduction of ad-blockers are iOS could severely cripple and in some cases, kill … [Read more...]

Sorry Drake, but I’m passing on Apple Music

Apple Music

Ending the nearly two-hour WWDC 2015 keynote was the introduction of the long-awaited Apple Music. Despite their intense love for music, Apple's success rate with new services has been pretty awful. This coming from the company that revolutionized music. There was the failed social network Ping, that allowed users to follow artists and see what friends were recommending. It closed in 2012. Services like iTunes Match, while useful, haven't set the world on fire. Apple's iTunes Radio hasn't made people forget about Pandora, despite its prominence in the current iteration of Music. It gets a second chance this time around, with a new Beats 1 24/7 radio station and the promise of redesigned stations curated by "some of the world's finest DJs." … [Read more...]

Everything that happened at WWDC 2015: iOS 9, WatchOS 2, El Capitan and Apple Music

Spotlight El Capitan

Apple today held their yearly worldwide developer conference. Though it's technically for developers, consumers look to WWDC as the biggest Apple event of the year. It's where Apple lays the groundwork software updates to iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Macs. Prior to the event, speculation was that we'd see a renewed focus on stability. That being said, there were an extensive number of new features introduced on all the three major platforms – OS X, iOS and watchOS. The event wrapped up with the long awaited introduction of Apple Music, a refreshed Music app that integrates a Beats powered streaming music service. You can watch WWDC later now and it will be available to download through iTunes. We've compiled a list of everything that … [Read more...]

Apple Music will not be available on Sonos at launch

Sonos Apple Music

Apple Music was introduced today with the service scheduled to start on June 30th. Pricing starts at $9.99 for an individual and $14.99 for families or up to six users. Apple will also be offering a 3-month trial. The service brings much of what people loved about Beats Music, specifically curated playlists. Apple has announced that an Android app will be available this fall. Apple has yet to commit to supporting Sonos. For their part, Sonos would like to support Apple Music, but have confirmed that it won't be supported when Apple Music launches later this fall. Sonos support provided this official statement. Although it will not be available at launch, we'd love to bring the service to Sonos as soon as Apple is ready. For their … [Read more...]

After spending time with the Apple Watch

Apple Watch favorites

I was one of the lucky ones. My 42mm Apple Watch Sport arrived on the actual first day, April 24th, that it could arrive. I got to play with it, puzzle over it, and write an early first “glance” about what I thought after a few days. Then the real test began: to see how it would perform in real life stuff. Using mobile devices when dealing with the rigors (or not rigors) of real life stuff tells me more than just testing gadgets for review purposes. On some level that’s a sucker’s bet. On others it is just a job. The User Experience Glances Third Party Apps Notifications Battery Life Connectivity and the Watch Companion App Siri Health and Fitness Wearability and Durability The Watch Face and … [Read more...]

12 Ways To Use Force Touch on your Apple Watch

Apple Watch face

One of the more unique features on the Apple Watch is Force Touch, thanks to the display which can sense a long, hard press. It might show up in the iPhone 6s, provided support gets introduced in iOS 9. That would certainly make sense, since it's also available on some of the newer MacBooks. Force Touch allows you to unearth hidden menu options. In some ways, these have an Easter Egg feel to them. But these are far more than just a neat trick. Often, you'll find that Force Touch options make it easier to do things. There are no visible interface tips to advise that Force Touch is an option, so we've compiled a list of the 12 ways you can use Force Touch on Apple Watch. The force is strong... … [Read more...]