New ‘Powerful’ iPhone 5s TV Ad Features ‘Gigantic’ By The Pixies

iPhone 5s TV ad

Apple debuted a new commercial on prime time TV tonight that featured a song from the Pixies. The ad featured a new version of 'Gigantic', a song that debuted on the 1988 Surfer Rosa album, credited for being an influential album that help spawn the alternative rock scene including Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The upbeat commercial shows how the iPhone 5s being used to film, record music and play games. There is also a nod to health apps, with a blood pressure app, something that could see a big push in iOS 8. It's a long spot, spanning a minute and thirty seconds. … [Read more...]

Apple Opens Mac OS X Beta Program To Everyone

OS X Beta

Apple has announced major changes to their Mac OS X beta software program, allowing non-developers to sign up for new pre-release software releases. This is a major shift in strategy for Apple, who had previously required a developer account to trial unreleased software. This should be a further blow to what's left of Apple's software NDA, at least as it applies to their desktop software. … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 7.1.1 Software Update, Apps With In-App Purchases Labeled

Block text messages in iOS 7

Apple today has released iOS 7.1.1, a minor update that includes improvements to Touch ID, bug fixes and security updates. According to the changelog, the following are included in iOS 7.1.1. Further improvements to Touch ID fingerprint recognition Fixes a bug that could impact keyboard responsiveness Fixes and issue when using Bluetooth keyboards with VoiceOver enabled Update: One of the more notable changes is in the App Store. When viewing apps in either the Top Charts or Featured sections, applications that include in-app purchases are now labeled. While iOS 7.1 was a rather big update, this one is about fixing a few bugs and providing users with a more stable release. You can download and install the update OTA, provided … [Read more...]

Sony In Talks With Danny Boyle To Direct Jobs Film, Leo DiCaprio Could Star

Danny Boyle

Following earlier reports that David Fincher could not reach an agreement with Sony Pictures, they are said to be in negotiations with David Boyle to direct the Steve Jobs biopic. Known for his work on "The Beach", Boyle is rumored to have spoken with Leonardo DiCaprio regarding the leading role. … [Read more...]

Mailbox 2.0 Adds Dropbox Sync and Auto-swipe


Dropbox has dropped version 2.0 of Mailbox, the popular third-party mail app which continues to see a steady stream of updates. The newest release brings with it support for syncing preferences across your iOS devices using Dropbox. This gains importance thanks to Auto-swipe, also introduced today. Auto-swipe was part of a slew of announcements made by Dropbox earlier this month. Mailbox learns from your swipes and snoozes to automate common actions. For example, if you snooze work messages over the weekend, route all social messages to a list, Mailbox learns your habits and will do this automatically using the Auto-swipe service. Mailbox continues to improve and now it's expanding, with apps for Android and soon, the … [Read more...]

Beautiful iPhone 6 Concepts With Stunning Edge To Edge Display

iPhone 6 render

Using the schematics that showed up in a Japanese magazine and cases that are purportedly specific to the design, designer Martin Hajek (via has imagined the iPhone 6 with these absolutely stunning conceptual renders. The concepts show what an iPhone 6 could look like should Apple use an edge-to-edge display. It's some serious eye candy that has us salivating in anticipation of September. … [Read more...]

Apple TV: 5 Things That Would Make It Awesome

4th gen Apple TV

Looking at Apple's product lines, the Apple TV stands out as one that has seen little in the way of major features. The user interface has remained the same and the UI design was far from stellar when it was first introduced. From a hardware design perspective, there's not much you can do with a black box. For the most part, it serves its purpose, which is to get lost in a home entertainment center or mounted behind a television. We've seen a continuing stream of new channels and small feature upgrades like being able to hide channels. Having spent extensive time using a Roku, Apple TV and now Amazon Fire TV, it's clear that Apple cannot afford to ship a new model with nothing more than upgraded internals. This might not be the year we get … [Read more...]

Hitman Go Brings Popular Franchise to iOS

Hitman Go

Square Enix Montréal have released an iOS version of their popular gaming franchise. Available today in the App Store, Hitman Go is a turn-based strategy game where you have to navigate to avoid enemies, take out targets and infiltrate well-guarded locations. You take on the role of Agent 47, a hired assassin who relies on causing distractions, using disguises and creating distractions. Of course, what good would any assassin be without being a skilled sniper. … [Read more...]

Twitterrific Update Offers Edit Tweet Option

The folks at IconFactory have updated Twitterrific to version 5.7.2, bring with it a new 'edit tweet' option. For those thinking, this isn't possible, you would be right in some respects. Twitter doesn't currently offer the option to let users edit existing tweets. If you make a spelling or grammatical error, you can either live with your 140 character faux pas or delete your tweet and re-send. How Twitterrific is handling editing of tweets is subtle, but worth noting. The edit button brings up the existing tweet, allowing the user to make changes. Submitting the edited tweet actually deletes the old mistake-laden tweet and sends the new one. … [Read more...]