Our Top 5 Black Friday iOS App Deals

Black Friday app deals

If you've recovered from your tryptophan induced turkey coma and looking to score some great Black Friday deals, you can do so right from your iPhone. Sure the focus each year is on doorbuster TVs, but with each year, consumers are often finding better deals before and after Black Friday. A sale isn't a great sale unless it's a great product. With that in mind, we've combed the App Store, selecting the absolute best iOS app deals for iPhone and iPad. There are plenty of apps on sale and plenty more to come with Cyber Monday. We've boiled down the list to those worthy of your consideration. Most of these apps have found their way to our Best Apps section or more recently, in our Apps of the Week features, where we highlight the best and … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case Review

Brown leather cam

With any new iPhone, especially one that introduces a new form factor, there is a race to deliver new cases. The iPhone 6 is an absolutely stunning piece of aluminum and glass, but it's not impervious to scratches. As the manufacturer, Apple of course has advanced access and can spend time 'perfecting' their accessories. When it comes to cases designed by Apple, there are two distinctly different options – leather or silicone. Both command a slightly higher premium compared to third-party accessory manufacturers. I've spent time evaluating the Apple iPhone 6 Leather case. Does it hold up to the demands of every day use? Is it the perfect accompaniment to the iPhone 6? … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Crossy Road, Stringer and more

Apps of the week

It's been a busy week or so here at everythingiCafe, with our site moving to a new server. We missed last week's Apps of the Week, but we're not leaving those apps or you stranded. We're doubling down, offering you a look at the absolute best apps from the past two weeks. This week, we find fresh outlooks on crossing roads and shuffling our music, get ready to defend our towers and dispense with words in favor of our favorite animated gifs. This is the everythingiCafe Apps for the Week for November 24th. … [Read more...]

Beats Music App Reportedly Getting Bundled in iOS, Remain Paid Service

Beats Music Preview

According to a new report from The Financial Times, Apple will include Beats Music as part of the included apps in iOS, as soon as next year. The move will instantly create an opportunity to drastically increase the subscriber base, considering the millions of iPhones and iPads that will see Beats as part of their default install. This is a move that will undoubtedly put pressure on competitors like Spotify, Pandora and Rdio. Beats Music will remain a paid subscription service. Previous reports had Apple looking to reduce the overall cost of the service, which is now at $9.99 per month. … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 8.2 Beta With WatchKit


Apple isn't wasting any time. Yesterday we saw the public release of iOS 8.1.1. Today they announced the immediate availability of iOS 8.2 beta, available to developers. The new SDK, alongside Xcode 6, comes with WatchKit. This will provide developers with the necessary tools to begin creating apps for Apple Watch. In addition the necessary tools, Apple has a video to help guide developers to the opportunities and architecture of watch app design. Watch apps are delivered as part of an existing iOS app, acting as a component of the app. Beyond support for Apple Watch, we've yet to hear if there is anything new in iOS 8.2. One word of advice. Those updating to iOS 8.2 beta cannot be restored to an earlier version of iOS. … [Read more...]

Apple’s iOS 8.1.1 Update Has Been Released

Apple has released iOS 8.1.1 update. In what is an extremely light changelog, Apple lists the 64.1MB update as including bug fixes and increased stability. It will also offer performance enhancements for the the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Let's hope this fixes some of the issues plaguing Safari users and forums. The update is available for download and install OTA, provided you have a WiFi connection. If you have storage issues which prevent you from downloading and updating, you can update by connecting your iPhone or iPad to iTunes. Here's a helpful guide on how to upgrade to iOS 8 if you are experiencing storage issues. You can discuss the release in the iOS 8.1.1 thread in our forums. … [Read more...]

Killing The App Store, One Great Developer At A Time

The Killing App Store

What if I told you that developers were going to stop making apps? If you were around when the App Store didn't exist, the thought of an existence with nothing but stock apps is pretty scary. Try using an iPhone without any third party apps for a bit and let me know how that works out. I get frustrated when I have to wait for my apps to restore from iCloud. Apps are the lifeblood of any and all iPhones. That's why it pains me to see a rogue group of users slowly killing the App Store, one developer at a time. … [Read more...]

The Apple TV Setup Process Sucks, But It’s Fixable

4th gen Apple TV

The Apple TV setup process is awful, but it's not any different from the experience on the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google's Nexus Player and any other obscure media streaming box you want to add to the bunch. Having set-up an Xbox One over the weekend, you can add that too. Pretty much everyone is in agreement that cable boxes and the overall TV watching experience is flawed. That's not going to improve anytime soon, but we should demand better from our streaming media boxes. We can all hope that Tim Cook rides in on his white horse with something that magically transforms TV. In the interim, Apple has an opportunity to rise above the crowded field of media streamers. I seem to collect media streamers as if they were Twitter clients. … [Read more...]